Ice Cream or Sorbet without a Machine

Ice Cream
It’s smooth, it’s creamy, it reminds us of our childhood, and the big question is what flavour do you want towering on top of your cone and dancing on your tastebuds?

This month my friend Bethany challenged us in making ice cream or sorbet without a machine after her discovery of the foodie blog Not Without Salt. The combinations found in the recipe lists where not your typical vanilla or chocolate. I sent out the two recipes from the website for inspiration and the results that came back were surprising! Knowing each of these girls personally I feel like their choices reflect their personalities in two scoops. We have the comfort, the classic, the gourmet, the experimental, and the fun!

Here are the results below:

Houston, Texas, United States

title=”homemade icecream” width=”584″ height=”584″ class=”alignleft size-large wp-image-6206″ />
“The ice cream making process was great! We had a ton of fun and it was pretty easy. We had a great recipe book.”

Chadwell Heath, England, United Kingdom

“I made Blueberry ice cream; but cheated. I got an ice cream maker last year for my birthday and have only used it a few times and wanted to use it.”

Bluffton, Indiana, United States

“The recipe is SO simple – took less than 2 minutes. My two year old daughter especially loved it. I will definitely be making this again and I want to experiment with different extracts – the next one I’m going to try is almond.”

Grabil, Indiana, United States

“Another hit!! Yum! Very good and easy to make. It was pretty rich, so a little was all that was needed.”

Waco, Texas, United States

“I had never made ice cream before and it was a lot of fun. The recipe we used was easy and uncomplicated and the end result was fantastic. I enjoyed this month’s assignment a lot.”

The question now is what scoop are you??
If you feel so inclined let us know what flavour you are. And if it doesn’t exist here let us know anyway :).

Sources: (In order of appearance) Maple Ice Cream with Buttered Salty Walnuts from Jenn’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jenni Britton Bauer, Blueberry Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Dessert Book, Vanilla Ice Cream from, Chocolate Chip Cookies her mother’s recipe, Raspberry Black Tea Sorbet from Not without Salt, Goats Cheese and Roasted Cherry Ice Cream from Jenn’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jenni Britton Bauer.


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