Painting the Town Pink

I can’t help, but be what I am. A girl. I love pink building facades, flowers that spring up in the middle of nowhere, ornate settings that make me stand taller, and princess palaces. My parents and friends have been visiting Matt and I in the London area and I realise that my adventures here have been full of all of the above, plus some dashes of glitter here and there. The only thing that sets a cherry on top of it all is exploring this city with people you love.

victoria and albert museum

victoria and albert musuem

portobello market

For a very rosy time I suggest:

1* Taking a walking tour starting at Hyde Park through to Buckingham Palace. There you can continue walking through St. James Park following the path and people until you reach the Calvary Museum. You will pass some guards, which make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time and then you head right towards Big Ben and West Minster Abbey. Stop for a photo and then walk across the bridge of the River Thames. Take the staircase down on your right and walk under the bridge and road above where you’re likely to be serenaded in a tunnel. Follow the crowds past the people statues and end up eventually at Le Pain Quotidien where you can have afternoon tea with a raspberry tart with fresh cream.

2* Head to the Victoria and Albert Museum where you can drink coffee out of a floral cup and gaze at beautiful things for hours. If your husband/bf plays piano like mine then he can make your ears twinkle under the dazzling chandeliers. Take a tour of the fashion gallery and pay ten pounds to see ball gowns in every colour. Then head up to the jewellery gallery followed by a breath of fresh air in the courtyard.

3* On a sunny day hop off to Notting Hill where the architecture is beautiful and you will find an apartment in just your shade. Follow the crowds to Portobello Market. Search for the perfect antique treasure and grab a punnet of strawberries or a freshly made crepe.

4* If in doubt, there is always high tea or cream tea around almost every British corner. You can never go wrong with tea. Be grand in the Savoy, Wolseley, Laduree, Harrods, or the Liberty. I have my eye on the charming little Hightea of Highgate.

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