Let’s Make Pies from Every Colour of the Rainbow

Last month’s pie of inspiration was Lemon Meringue from Donna Hay, a Down Under master of cookery :D If you like tart lemony flavours and bright shiny colours this is the pie to bake with a cloud of meringue on top. My friend Jess from Brisbane picked out this delicious recipe in honour of Father’s Day in Australia, but it seems this kind of pie is a spring board for so many others as you will see below.

Here are the honest results of our pies:

Gidea Park, England, United Kingdom

“We were in a rush making this pie and didn’t quite get the measurements of cornstarch right which left our lemon pudding much runnier than it should have been, but it tasted delicious nonetheless! Next time we’ll have to take it slower.”
Abby and Becky

Conway, Arkansas, United States

“After finding a Key Lime Pie recipe, this month’s choice was a wonderful excuse to branch out and try something I have always wanted to, but never did. The crust, the filling, and finally, the whipped topping were all made from scratch and blended beautifully in rich and refreshing flavours!”

Croydon, England, United Kingdom

“I made raspberry meringue pie, which wasn’t a huge success, but has been eaten up with enthusiasm by the family!
I didn’t let the curd cool enough before I put the meringue on top. I also over beat the egg whites, but hey, it’s a learning experience :-).”

Leo, Indiana, United States

“This month I made key lime pie- it is my husband’s favorite and it was his birthday dessert. I had never made it, so this was a new adventure for me. Also, he doesn’t prefer meringue, so I used home made whipped cream.”

Pinterest is a great resource for finding recipes especially ones that are less common. If you can imagine any colour of the rainbow and a flavour that you associate with it there will be a meringue pie for it. The list I’ve found so far through Pinterest searches are:
★lemon (of course!)
★and blueberry :D

Happy baking and as Kate Spade says, “Live colourfully!”

Sources: Donna Hay – Lemon Meringue Pie
Personal Note: This pie is in Australian measurements, which are slightly different to other common forms of measuring. Please convert the recipe with care!


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